Alexander Aizenshtat was born in 1951 and grew up in Moscow. Here he learned painting in the studio of S.P. Skulsky at the end of 60s. In 1974 he left USSR. Aizenshtat is a french citizen and he is living un Israel nowadays. He paints in Jerusalem and locality near Moscow.


His style of painting is determined as academic modernism, but the way of Alexander Aizenshtat's kind of artists differs strongly from the traditional scheme. He concerns to the rarely met intuitive type of artists whose main impulse for creative work is to be received from inside. Complicated geography (Jerusalem, Tzfat, Paris, Rome, Moscow) is leaving specific traces on his work. He made his mark not only by his art but also because of his activity on the religious field as far as he founded Moscow Centre for Tora Studying and is rulling it last 20 years. After intensive exhibition period which lasted for last two years some of Aizenshtat's painting wee asked to join to join the collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Artcollection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


About The Artist

Alexander Aizenshtat nació en 1951 en Moscu. Estudió pintura en el estudio de S.P. Skulsky a finales del 60. En 1974 abandonó Rusia. Ahora es un ciudadano francés, y reside  en Israel. 
Su estilo viene determinado por la academia modernista, pero Alexander se aleja del esquema tradicional. Aizenshtat es intituitivo, con una gran vida interior. Ha vivido en  Jerusalen, Safed, París, Roma, Moscú , dejando en cada sitio su rastro creativo.
Alexander fundó el Centro de Moscú para el estudio de la Tora. Su trabajo esta en la colección del Museo de Arte Moderno en Moscú.

Tags: Pintura + Realismo
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